500W Quiet Cut Spindle Kit

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A great 500W DC spindle kit to add to your CNC router build.  These spindles run much quieter than the trim/woodworking routers seen in typical builds and weigh significantly less.  The speed controller now includes the power supply and can control speed using the included pot or an external 0-10V signal.  

Kit includes:

1 x 500W DC Spindle Motor

1 x Speed Controller + Power Supply

1 x Spindle Mounting block


Spindle Specs:

Operating Voltage: 110 - 220 VAC
Power: 500W
Torque: 550mNm
Collet: ER11


*Note for the xPRO V3 and below, spindle speed control output is a 0-5V signal.  For the xPRO V4 the spindle speed control output is selectable between 0-5V or 0-10V outputs.  

*Tutorial for controlling spindle speed with the xPRO