RN42 blueBee

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Expected release date is 17th May 2017

Swap in Bluetooth functionality without a major hardware redesign! The RN42-I/RM is a small form factor, low power Bluetooth radio module offering plug-in compatibility for the widely used 2 x 10 (2mm) socket typically used for XBee radio modules.  The Roving Networks’ RN42 module provides Bluetooth connectivity in legacy and existing designs that may have been based upon the 802.15.4 standard 


  • 2 x 10 (2mm) socket/form-factor typically used with XBee radio modules
  • Bluetooth connectivity for legacy and existing designs
  • Low power, 3.3V @ 50mA max (Connected with data transfer)
  • 1,200 bps up to 921 Kbps, non-standard baud rates can be programmed
  • Frequency 2,402 ~ 2,480 MHz (FHSS/GFSK modulation, 79 channels at 1-MHz intervals)
  • Class 2 radio, 60 feet (20 meters) distance, 4 dBm output transmitter, -80 dBm typical receive sensitivity
  • Configuration via the local UART and over-the-air RF
  • Certifications: FCC, ICS, CE

blueBee (RN42) Range Characteristics:

  • After One Wall 55 feet
  • After Two Walls 60 feet
  • After Three Walls 36 feet

(approximate and may vary depending upon the RF environment)

Getting Started and Basic Setup: