Sponsored Builds

Welcome to the Spark Concepts Sponsored Builds Program!

So far we have been very fortunate with the launch of Spark Concepts and would like to give back to the Maker community.  To do this, we will be sponsoring clever, unique, or just plain sick and twisted builds from community members!  We will provide material free of charge from the Spark Concepts store; all you have to do is make it and share it!  

Have an idea for a sponsored build? Tell us about it!

To submit your idea please contact us via the Contact Us page and include:

  • Name and affiliation (if any).  (ex.  Hi, I'm Mike from Spark Concepts)
  • Build Title (ex.  Slingshot of Doom Awesomeness)
  • Short Description (ex. Slingshot to launch human at relativistic speeds into orbit...around Mars)
  • Bill of Material (ex.  10 solid Vwheels, 10 20x40x1500 Vslot, etc)
  • Anything required that's not in the inventory (ex. power of 1,000 suns)
  • Really anything else you would like to add

We will collect entries for a "yet to be determined" amount of time and vote to determine the best* entry.  

*Yes, "Best" is purely subjective and could be determined by being the most comical submission, the most heinous idea ever formulated, or something that will aide all of humanity; really just depends on the day ;).