WorkBee Full CNC Kit

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We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Ooznest to bring the official WorkBee CNC kit to the US! 

- current lead time ~ 3 weeks ~ 

This kit includes everything needed to bring your WorkBee CNC to life: 

1 x Workbee CNC mechanical portion - pick your size and drive style above
1 x CNC xPRO V3 controller
1 x Power Supply
4 x Nema 23 motors
1 x Bosch Colt or Dewalt 611 router mount (71mm ID)
1 x Drag chain set
Along with cables, wiring, and mounts.  
This kit does not include: MDF spoiler board, or router.
The WorkBee is capable of accurately cutting foams, woods, plastics or aluminum at depths greater than 25mm to 0.2mm accuracy or greater. With a WorkBee CNC Kit you can manufacture functional engineering parts, toys, signs, or whatever you can imagine without leaving the workshop. 

The WorkBee makes full use of the V-Slot Extrusion system. On the X and Y Axis C-Beam extrusions are used. Not only is using the C-Beam beneficial to strength, but it also allows the drive systems to be concealed from debris. On a screw driven WorkBee CNC Kit, the screws are inside the 'C' channel, therefore shielded from the cutting area. With a belt setup, the Y-Axis belt are also inside the 'C' channel shielded from debris, the X-Axis belt isn't shielded, but as it is above cut area this isn't of concern.

The WorkBee CNC Machine uses a total of 48 x Xtreme Solid V Wheels. The Xtreme wheels are manufactured from super hard polycarbonate, this reduces wheel compression, and keeps wear to a minimum. The plates are manufactured from 6mm aluminium, and have a protective anodised coating. The plates have been designed completely from scratch, and have been carefully thought about in terms of function, usability, and ease of assembly.

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